PT. Berkah Manis Makmur was established in July 2011 and became one of the few refineries in Indonesia. Constructed on a 12 hectare piece of land located in Cikande, Serang, the refinery provides job opportunities for more than 300 employees.

Hexa Corporation of Thailand in collaboration with its Indonesian counterpart, PT. Trisula Abadi, was appointed to design and build the refinery. After plant trials and commissioning, the refinery started its commercial production in May 2013. The location at Cikande was chosen due to its proximity to water source and major ports. Its accessibility hence facilitates the delivery of goods to our customers' factories.

Our strengths lies in strong team work, innovation and skilled human resources. Supported by an effective and creative management team, we strive to maintain a consistent and high quality product which meets our customers' requirements.

Our company is the largest refinery in Indonesia, with an annual production capacity of 600,000 metric tons. Currently, we have used up to 50% of our total production capacity, giving it plenty of room to develop and expand a wider market share.


To be a leader in Indonesia's sugar refining industry by providing high quality products and services for our customers nationwide and globally, while implementing an environment friendly concept to protect the environment as well as improving the surrounding population's welfare.


  1. To produce high quality refined sugar at competitive prices
  2. To provide quality services to our customers
  3. To improve the competency and the welfare of our employees
  4. To develop and implement social and environmental conscious programs
  5. To implement sustainability principle in order to protect the environment

Food Safety and Quality Policy

As a commitment to achieve and maintain high customer satisfaction, our management team adopted a quality assurance principle known as SCORE:


We are committed to produce refined sugar that is halal and safe for consumption. We guarantee that all the ingredients used in each production step have me the halal standard of LPPOM MUI. PT. Berkah Manis Makmur has received approval and acknowledgment from various reputable institutions.